List Building Bootcamp

List Building Bootcamp - Module 2

1 Module 8 Lessons

About this course

Make your ideal audience hang on your every word (& take their wallet out) using the timeless persuasion hot buttons that turn qualified leads into loyal customers.

Course Structure


Under the Hood: How the Human Touch is Delivered Through Email

Illustration of how blog, traffic, lead magnet and emails work together for your online business.

LeadMagnet: How to Make Your Audience Fall in Love with You At First Sight

This video shows you the importance, different types and examples of lead magnet. It also gives you an illustration of how a lead magnet works towards the selling of your product or service.

Persuasion Aikido: How to Use Human Nature to Turn Doubters Into Believers

How to use human nature to turn doubters into believers (strategy and system). The secret sauce to make people want to buy from you (instead of your competitors). This video discusses the 6 the elements of influence.

Guilt-Free Selling: The Modern Way to Sell Online without Losing Your Soul

In this video you will learn about how to create your first 3 emails on email autoresponder.

Angles: How to Make The Same Offer Repeatedly Without Annoying Your Audience

Learn different approach in selling your products or services.

Inboxer Code: How to Write Emails that Convert (Part 1)

How to write emails that convert. Understand and learn email copywriting.

Inboxer Code: How to Write Emails that Convert (Part 2)

In this video you will learn more about how to write emails that convert. The topics include subject lines, purpose and sample of bullet points, P.S., call-to-action, email length and handwriting exercise.


In this video is about your homework on writing your first 3 emails, start with a swipe file and lead magnet idea.